Sunday, August 21, 2011

PoST plIng KOsOng...hihih~

nie sbb kne tagged dgn umie...kesimpulan nyew....dah lame x de org tagged aku kat blog..
dlu mase baru2 bukk blog,sume nk tagged,smpai x sempat menyempat..hahahhaha~
wateve pon,nie laa jwpan nyew...penat kowt nk jawab.....sempot mak nak...hehehehe

1. Gambo : bnyak dah kowt kat blog aku nie..huhuh
2. Nickname: husna, cunna, senn, paus pembunuh ;p ,datin, jeep.... rmai sgt pencipta name :)
4. Male/Female:
ko rase??? hahahahah~
6. Primary school: sk peserian, sri sg kajang...
7. High school: smk pekan baru muar, kolej islam sultan alam shah
8. Hair color: aku rase blond!!~ lalalalla
9. Tall or short: tall laaa beb....
12. Phone or camera: both...(tamak please..) hihih
14. Orange or apple: x mo plih...nk dua2... ^^v
15. Do u have a crush on sumeone: mesti laaa de....x mo bg taw sape...(mcm laaa die tnye sape) ^^"
16. Eat or drink?: drink...mcm ag besh..hihih

17. Piercing: x dok....x men laaaa...hehee
18. Pepsi or coke: x mo due2....eeuuuuwwww~
19. Been in an airplane: slalu kowt..mcm nek bas dah..hahahha
20. Been in a relationship: penah2...^^

21. Been in a car accident: moto penah laaa....
22. Been in a fight: yes of course...hahahaha~
24. 1st best friend: farreha n hajar...till now..but i have more than 1 BFF...tq
25. 1st award:
zman kanak2 riang....dpt no 1 kowt stiap kali pekse..hihihi
26. 1st crush: malik.....
29. Last friend u talked in person: farreha noor asyikeen..
30. Last friend u texted: zt miss her damn much!~
31. Last friend u watched a movie with: hairy rahmat....lalalalala~
32. Last food u ate: nasik + puyuh....cedap seyh
33. Last movie u watch: transformer 3!!!!!~ (eksited terlebeh)
34. Last song u listened to: dan bila esok...hohooho~
35. Last thing u bought: kek bulan!~ hehehehe
36. Last person u hugged: k. damayantty...sbb die nk benti keje..huhuhuh

39. Bottoms: jeans!~
42. Colors: purple!!!~ like sgt2..hihih
43. Movie: suke cite fantasi yg jadik reallity....transformer the best!~
44. Subjects: ABC..hahahhahaha~

Have You Ever...
45. Fallen in love with someone: smesti nyew...
46. Celebrated Halloween: gile ape??hahhaha
47. Had your heart broken: wajib ade....lagi2 aku..hehehe
48. Went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone: kdang2...huhu
49. Wanted to smack someone upside the head: ade2...tapi rahsia..watcHHAAA!!

51. Eaten a whole standard sized pizza: yup....penah!~hihi
52. Tried to do something, but couldn't succeed : slalu jew..huhuh
53. Did something you regret: yup...i hate myself 4 that..

54. Broke a promise: heheheheheh... ;p
55. Hid a secret: someone must have a secret....
56. Pretended to be happy: always...
57. Met someone who changed your life: not yet....
58. Pretended to be sick: dlu2..heheehe
59. Left the country: blom ag..hahhaa
61. Cried over the silliest thing: kdang2...bile sunyi..huhuhu
62. Ran 5 miles: mlas gilew...hohohoh
63. Went to the beach with your best friends: klw kat sbah mmg slalu laaa...
64. Got into an argument with your friends: msti laaa de....hhuhuh
65. Hated someone: yup...
66. Stayed single for a whole year: this year..hahahahha

67. Eating: no
68. Drinking: no
69. Listening to: dan bila esok....heheh
71. Plans for today: g kurus kan bdan..hahahhaha

Your Future?
73. Want kids: laaa,x nk anak kew???huhuh
74. Want to get married: klw nk anak,kawen lew.....ayoooo

Which is Better in The Opposite Sex?
76. Lips or Eyes: mate...
77. Shorter or taller: neither one...hehehhe
78. Romantic or spontaneous: both!~ hehehe
79. Nice stomach or nice arms: stomach...lalallaa
82. Looks or personality:
i care both...heheh

Have You Ever...
83. Lost glasses/contacts: tak plak..hihih
84. Snuck out of a house: slalu laaa mase kecik2..hihih
86. Kissed someone before: opppsssss~
88. Been in love: kan kate penah tadi!!~ ayooooo
89. Cried when someone died: not yet....nauzubillah...

Do You Believe In...
90. Yourself: sometimes...
92. Love at first sight: always..hihihi~
96. God : Allahu Akbar

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? : yup...always love him..
100. Would you change something in your life: